The Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence

Zainab Shahzad

Artificial intelligence is an important topic of discussion in 21st century. Throughout the years,  artificial intelligence has been progressed a lot and is still progressing and it has also done some wonders as well

Artificial intelligence means the development  of computer system and apps to perform various tasks and activities of routine that usually require human efforts such as decision making , translations etc.

In this article we will discuss some of the pros and cons of artificial intelligence.

The good about AI

Artificial intelligence has a number of pros such as the following.

  • 24/7 Availability

Though the artificial intelligence the tasks can be done quickly such as in  the organizational work for answering calls and easier making decisions etc.  It doesn’t have any time

  • Rationality

Decisions made using by artificial intelligence can be more rational and neutral  as in the case of humans emotions and several biases tend to be more involved. Thus they are not neutral. Rationality brings ease in tasks and makes their implementation more easier.

  • Data Mining

Data mining means to extract the currently required data. Artificial intelligence helps a lot in banking sectors and organizational works. Banks use artificial intelligence to perform daily tasks such as data collection, calculations etc.

  • Medical Field

The artificial intelligence is also used in medical field as well. They can do the medical examinations in a more better way than humans and they can also help in prescribing medicines on the basis of examination. And can also check that whether a certain medicine is effective or not.

  • Research

Artificial intelligence is also used in the conduction of research work. It can help to provide the exact calculation based on the requirements.

Image: The Council of Europe

But it isn’t all sugar and sweets. Artificial intelligence has a number of cons as well such as:

The Cons of AI

  • Higher Costs

Although the artificial intelligence seems to be very different and effective. It is still not popular because of the higher costs associated with it. It is costly and not easily affordable.

  • Learned Behavior

Artificial intelligence works on the learned behavior and cannot work in newer environments with different situations other than the already learned algorithms. Therefore it is still very not common.  And it still requires a lot of effort and time to be completely independent of the human Involvement.

  • Maintenance

Artificial intelligence requires maintenance and sometimes maintenance is not easily done and can be costly as well. Also it requires to be completely up to dated which again is a very costly aspect. Moreover there maintenance also require experts advice and help who also charge high fee and charges.

  • Human Efforts

Though it might seem that artificial intelligence doesn’t involve human efforts but it is not true because artificial intelligence works on  an already learned algorithms and certain situations and their solutions are already implemented but they still require human help in case a new problem arises. Thus this is again a major flaw of artificial intelligence.

  • Unemployment

Unemployment is already a very major problem. With the rise of artificial intelligence the issue  might be worsened a bit more such as in the case personal assistants and clerks and accountants. The rise of artificial intelligence might put a risk to such jobs and these create unemployment.

Popularity of Artificial Intelligence

The study of artificial intelligence is certainly an important concept. Every invention has some advantages and disadvantages. Most people believe that artificial intelligence if gone in the wrong hands would kill human civilizations but until now no such machine had has been introduced who can kill or enslave humans.

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