Mental Health Awareness in Pakistan

Zainab Shahzad

The True Definition of Health

Over the years, the topic of health was related to our physical health only, but now it’s high time we modify our definition of health and define health as a healthy combination of both physical as well as mental health. Though, we often see and hear the words “mental health “around us. It’s the time of need to start giving special attention to it.

Mental illness and Depression

Depression is a popular mental illness which can be defined as a mental illness in which a person feels a continuous feeling of sadness, hopelessness, social withdrawal and loss of interest, anxiety and in some serious cases if not treated properly may cause suicide cases of the people suffering.

Ages Affected by Depression

The problem of depression can be seen among people of all ages but is more common among people aged 16 to late fifties.


The reasons for depression can vary from person to person and case to case. However, the major and common reasons include fear of failure or simply a failure in a project, inferiority complex, loss of a loved one etc. However, the reasons can never be limited to these only as it is a very vast and extensive discussion.


Symptoms can easily be seen and felt by you and your loved ones around you. It is important to keep a check on your mental health as well as physical health because it affects the overall functionality of the body and can also affect your routine matters.

Symptoms include

  •  Social withdrawal, means avoiding gatherings and meeting people because of the reason of being judged. However,  the concept of “introvert and social withdrawal “ must not be confused
  • Laziness means having no  energy to do your daily chores and activities
  • Loneliness, the urge to remain alone
  • Find no interest in anything
  • Opting out from various new activities and adventures
  • Lower energy etc.
  • Angry
  • Anxiety 
  • Mood swings
  • Increased or decreased appetite
  • Increased or decreased weight
  • Canceling plans
  • No interest in personal hygiene and activities
  • Overthinking
  • Trauma

Here again, it must be noted that symptoms are not only restricted to this and can include various other factors as well.


All the above-mentioned factors can greatly help in the diagnosis of the diseases.


Now here comes the most interesting task and also the difficult one. Interesting because it helps us to be more aware of ourselves and the difficulties because there still exists a huge number of masses who still don’t consider mental health an important issue.

For these people, the strange behavior of a person is only because the concerned person has been affected by an evil eye or an evil spirit and rather than seeking treatment for this, they rely solely on divine help rather than taking medications and professional help.

Types of treatment

There are two various types of treatments

  •  Lifestyle changes
  • Medication and professional help  

Awareness campaign

Awareness regarding mental health is an important topic and must be done at a vast level to guide people about its existence, symptoms, treatment and

Various procedures. So that no one suffers from it and we can lend helping hands to those who need it.

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